The writer is anxious. The writer is always anxious. He worries about how to make enough money, about his reputation, about his cat, and finishing a story before the end of the day. The deadline is approaching and he's out of ideas. No story, no pay. What should the writer do? The writer decides to find inspiration, and so begins his

Developer's note:

I haven't finished adding sound effects due to time constraints, and there should be another world after the detective world. Thus this is just an alpha version - I will keep developing it! Thanks for playing it!

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can I have a hit about how I pass throw the mystery part?

P.S: sorry for the galligraphy error, It because I'm brasilian.

If you get into the cross examination,  try to catch the moments when she said she heard a gunshot. Then try to destroy her testimony because you only hear ONE gunshot in total. Hopefully this helps!

This game is beyond my IQ. Amazing!

Thanks for liking it!!!

My friends and I are amazed.

omg thank you guys for liking it!!


How? and Amazing. That's all

Thank you!!!!